Transformers BotBots
Role: Art Director
Client: Hasbro / Eone

In April 2020, whilst at Boulder Media, I was asked to develop the visual style of Botbots, an upcoming Transformers TV show created by Kevin Burke and Chris "Doc" Wyatt . For about a year and a half, I worked closely with the showrunners, with director Paul O'Flanagan and Eone producer Oliver Dumont (as well as many more talented folk working at Boulder), developing the look, visual style and location designs of the TV series.
Eventually we decided to use 3D for all the backgrounds and the "Prop Mode" of the Transformers characters, as otherwise the amount of workload for the various teams would have been not sustainable . I found this project particularly challenging, as strucking the balance between the "photoreal" side, while mantaining the whacky comedic tone unaltered was probably the most difficult task I faced so far working for TV. Below you can see a selection of the vis dev, key art, character, comp and BG notes I made during the early pre-production stage. Character design credited accordingly in each photo.
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