Memento Mori
Role: Senior Visual Development Artist
Client: Boulder Media
During fall of 2020, and while being absorbed full time by Botbots, I was asked by director Paul O'FLanagan if I could help out on a horror short he was creating. A very cool piece with a clear E.A. Poe vibe. I had to say yes:)
Thus, over a couple of very intense months, I worked alongside Art Director Piotr Bzdura to help him establish the very ambitious comic book style he was exploring for the show (deep darks, outlines etc.), and eventually providing very rough 3D layout mockups to help the BG department. To date it's still one of the most enjoyable project I worked on. Make sure to follow the project and support it as it makes its way through various festivals.
Below you can see a selection of the visual development I created for the show, 3D mockups ,lighting studies and rough layout guides.
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