Transformers Cyberverse
Role: Art Director
Client: Hasbro

I was hired by Boulder Media to work on the show back in June 2017, initially collaborating with the series Directors Jean Texier and Rob Cullen (then replaced by Ehud Landsberg), providing mood paintings and early design explorations.
Eventually that lead me to manage a team of 12 people in-house, 4 freelancers and communicating on a daily basis with various leads from Xentrix Studios (outsourcing company which produced the show). During the course of 2 years and a half I provided sketches and 3d mockups for locations and characters, detailed episodic briefs and style guides, mood boards, retakes for various departments, support for internal and outsourcing artists, whilst also acting as a liaison between the creative team and the production crew, ensuring the show would get done within budget and schedule. Below you can see the trailer for the third season and a series of still frames I selected from the show.
This below is a little introductory guide I made towards end of Season1, to highlight very briefly some of the Art Direction work done on the show to that point. It features early location design, key art and various notes.
And finally, for those who are curious, you can see some of the preparatory sketches that were my daily bread during production. Each episode had to be broken down from the script in assets and tasks for the various departments. These little doodles were the backbone of everything we developed visually. Often made in about an hour whilst discussing frantically with directors, production and studio partners.
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